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Planning for a Swimming Pool

Western Australia

Brief Summary
Working though some of the planning consideration when looking to install or build a swimming pool and spa in Perth.

Just thinking about a swimming pool or spa brings a smile of summer fun and total relaxation, a rejuvenating plunge after a long day’s work, an evening in the spa to let the jet bubbles massage the body or enjoying the day with family and friends for a bbq and splashes of water. It’s all great fun as it should be as were laughing and enjoying life!


Swimming pool or spa planning Western Australia
But before we jump in the deep end we need to do some planning to assess the options for a swimming pool and spa by selecting the best design and function for your property to maximize the enjoyment and pleasure of owning a swimming pool or spa. So what are some of the area’s that may influence our selection of design, and layout for the installation of a below and above ground swimming pool or hot tub & spa?

  • Your main function of the swimming pool – luxury entertaining pool with spa, Lap pool for exercising, water sport training for lifesaving or scuba diving, Architectural designer pool to complement the surrounding environment or games pool for the kids.
  • The design and shape of the pool and spa – what size and shape is the front or backyard area where you are proposing to install the swimming pool or hot tub, will civil engineering be required, what pool design works best for cleaning and maintenance.
  • Location of the pool or spa – Are there any underground utility services in the area, what is the geological soil structure of the property granite, sand, rock, clay or limestone.
  • What safety fencing and barriers precautions will be required – how close or far will these need to be set back from the swimming pool or spa, what pool fencing styles and materials will work best.
  • Salt water or fresh water – which is the easiest upkeep or more cost efficient to maintain, what are the benefits of either salt water or fresh water spa and pool.
  • Gardening and landscaping changes or new installations – how will the existing trees work in with the design, or add some trees and shade sails for sun protection.
  • What finish walkway surface will be installed or built around the pool or hot tub – brick paving, liquid limestone, timber decking, concrete, artificial grass or rubber.

Helpful tips for further information
Talk to family and friends who have a swimming pool or spa, there is probably a good chance of a neighbour close by with a pool or hot tub happy to pass on helpful advice, talk with a reputable swimming pool company, surf the internet and read reviews or pool topic forums. Preplanning of your new swimming pool or spa investment will allow you to better budget and build your finished project.