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Detection and mapping of the reticulation wires and locating the solenoid valves

Locating Reticulation Wires

Locating on the Kenwick residential property

Brief Summary
Explaining a method of finding reticulation wires and solenoids with a cable locator

What are reticulation solenoids?
A reticulation solenoid is used to open and close valves for controlling i.e. water systems. The solenoid uses electromagnetic fields created by a coil to operate a needle or gate on the valve. For automated systems a low voltage is connected to the solenoid to energize the coil as required.

The cable locator transmitter, receiver and connection leads

An active signal is induced onto the solenoids wires by the generating transmitter and direct connection leads while the receiver is used to detect the electromagnetic field (active signal)

Subject site
A residential property in Kenwick, Perth required detection and mapping of the reticulation wires and locating of the solenoid due to lost plans. The gardens had overgrown and covered the solenoid housings.

By utilising the cable to the valve solenoid controller box we are able to connect to the individual wires and trace back to each valve.

The image below shows a connection to the controller box wires.

Retic Controller

Locating the solenoid valves and wiring on the Kenwick property was a quick and easy method that gave the owner knowledge for future planning and to assist with maintenance works.