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Septic Tanks

The precision in locating underground services is of paramount importance, especially when it comes to property management, construction, or maintenance.

Locating Septic Tank

 Septic tank Services

When you hire Westscan's septic tank service to locate your septic tank, the service includes:

  1. Physical Inspection: Westscan will visually inspect your property to identify potential signs of the septic tank, such as access ports, lids, or signs of disturbance in the ground indicating the tank's location.

  2. Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR): We use GPR, a non-invasive technique, to locate underground structures. GPR emits radar waves into the ground and detects reflections to create a subsurface image, helping to identify the septic tank's position.

  3. Marking or Flagging: Once the septic tank is located, Westscan's professional will mark its precise location for future reference. We might use stakes, flags, or paint to clearly indicate where the tank is situated.

  4. Report or Documentation: After completing the service, we will provide a report detailing the location and condition of the septic tank, including any recommendations or further actions if necessary.


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Septic Tank Location
1 year ago
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James helped us with locating our septic tanks. He has all the gadgets and was very professional.
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Sewer Pipes Locating
1 year ago
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James skills and prompt service enabled me to install screw piles next to a sewer line on my project with complete confidence. Don't risk relying on old plans & data just get James to find it. If I had gone by what old plans & surveyors said I would have hit a pipe & the project would have been a disaster. Money well spent for me. Thanks James.
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Locating sewer pipes
2 years ago
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So refreshing to do business with James Horton at Westscan, he was professional and on time with clear precise emailed details of ALL our sewerage pipes/water/gas and phone lines - even though these were different from what the Council had been able to provide. James was very polite and patient with our Elderly Mum & genuinely caring, ensuring the dog didn't get out, would highly recommend the service and the person to anyone. Also having the detailed mapped documentation from the scan emailed to us has saved a huge amount of time dealing with the Council and potential Builders/Pool Installers, with us knowing and being able to communicate clearly where we can and can NOT place structures.
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FAQ - Septic Tanks

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Q. Does every house have a septic tank?

A. Depends on where the property is located. For example, if in a country area where there is no deep sewer system available than highly likely that you will have some form of septic tank system.

Q. How do I know if a property has a septic tank?

A. Look for physical structures above ground or ground level i.e., exposed concrete septic tank lids, an inspection opening or the diverter valve. Note sometimes the septic tanks may be below ground level.

Q. How do I know if my property is connected to a deep sewer?

A. Lodging a Before You Dig (BYD Australia) enquiry, check with water corporation and check with your local shire or council.

Q. Where can I find information about septic tank systems for my property?

A. Inquire with your state’s local shire or council to check on documents and drawings that may have been submitted for building works.