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Terms and Conditions of Underground Locating and Scanning Services

1. Westscan Pty Ltd (Westscan) uses ground penetrating radar and electromagnetic field location technology to assist in detecting and locating objects buried or situated underground.

2. The equipment Westscan operates is particularly useful in helping to locate underground pipes, cables and other utilities that may be buried beneath the surface.

3. Westscan may also be able to find road and railway profiles, underground voids, runway and bridge decking, underground storage tanks, unexploded ordinances, septic systems and other miscellaneous objects.

4. However, there are limitations in the results obtained from the technology and its interpretation. The most significant performance limitations of ground penetrating radar are high conductivity soils such as clay and salt-contaminated soils. As a result high water content from recent rain and/or high water tables can interfere with the results. Rough broken surfaces to the land can also limit the performance of the technology.

5. The depth and size of objects can also affect the final result. Very small objects for example need to be near the surface whilst larger objects can be detected up to 6 metres below the surface.

6. By reason of the limitations referred to herein, Westscan cannot and does not guarantee or warrant that its report will be accurate or conclusive and you the customer hereby acknowledge and accept the risks of any potential inaccuracy contained in Westscan’s inspections and report.

7. You the customer hereby release and discharge Westscan, and its directors, employees, contractors or agents from any actions, claims or demands that you may have or but for this release could or might have had against Westscan or its directors, employees, contractors or agents, arising from any inaccuracy contained within or any omission made with respect to any report produced for you by Westscan.

<8. Westscan’s report is prepared for the sole use by you the customer and may not be used or relied upon by any other party and you the customer specifically indemnify Westscan, its directors, employees, contractors or agents against any claims, actions or demands made against Westscan by or through any third party for loss or damage incurred or allegedly incurred by that party arising out of their use or reliance on Westscan’s report.