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Locating and Scanning Services
Acreditation for locating Solutions

If you are planning to do any excavating on your property, we can locate the underground services to prevent costly damage to the utilities and infrastructure underground.

Utility Locating

Locating Services


Westscan has personnel with many years of experience in the building industry to assist with locating services for residential properties to identify

  • water mains,
  • gas mains,
  • sewer pipes,
  • storm drains,
  • reticulation piping
  • electrical cables and
  • telecommunication cabling.

Westscan's underground service locators can find and pinpoint utility services and anomalies before you dig or use heavy lifting equipment such as cranes to lift & install swimming pools for example.
To ensure your works are done safely Westscan can:

  • Prevent costly damage to the service network and your property
  • Assist with planning for house extensions
  • Locate where your services are when landscaping and avoid tree root invasion
  • Locate old septic tanks

Westscan promotes a safe workplace code of practice and our personnel are experienced and proactive in maintaining the scanned area in a neat and tidy state. 

It is important to note that digging or excavating without first identifying the location of underground utilities can be dangerous and cause significant and expensive damage.

Before any kind of excavation or digging work commences, underground service locators should be consulted. Contact Westscan to locate the underground services - be safe and scan first.

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