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locating telecommunication Cables
Locating Telecommunication Cables
Locating Cables

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Locating Telecommunication Cables

Telecommunication cables – copper wires and fibre optics run underground connecting to homes, office buildings, workshops, shopping centres, mine sites, sporting complexes, industrial areas and public places.
These cables are commonly run in high-density polyethene (HDPE) or polyvinyl chloride (PVC) conduit piping to protect the cabling with a junction box installed where cabling is required to change direction.
Or for long-distance country installations, an armoured shielding cable is ploughed underground with a detection tape.
Westscan Service: Using ground penetrating radar and cable locating equipment we can scan the area for communication conduit and trace wiring to accurately locate and mark the position of these communication services.Locating Telecommunication Cables


  • Locating the communication cable will assist when doing repairs
  • Locating the existing services will assist when looking to upgrade your network
  • Knowing the location of the communication cabling to avoid causing costly repairs

Westscan is experienced in locating telecommunication cables for Telstra, Optus, Telcom and other companies.