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Metal Detection Services in Perth

Metal Detection

Ferrous materials - A vast variety of materials are used in the construction of the underground service network or as standalone items. i.e. septic tanks with split lids, reinforcement bars, survey pins on property boundaries, storage drums, pipeline or utility valves, ferules set for casting, drainage grating, manhole covers, base plates, motors, valve riser casing, nuts and bolts, fencing posts. The item, parts or metallic object may have been installed lower than the ground level for service use or may be a relic that has been forgotten and buried over time.

Westscan services: using magnetic metal detecting equipment we conduct a sweeping scan of the area and narrow down the location of any objects detected with pinpoint targeting.


  • Detect changes in materials
  • Detect pipe ends
  • Scan an area to identify unknown targets
  • Locate very small survey marking pins or plates concealed by vegetation overgrowth or earthworks (as shown below)