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Locating gas piping
Electrical Fault Detection

Power cable fault location

Finding power cable faults - Power cables and wires are engineered and constructed for a wide range of specifications. Basic assemble would be conductor material (carries the energy or power), insulation material (physically separates conductor materials) and shielding or Jacket which protects the internal components of the cable from heat, abrasion, weather and chemicals.

Faults occur in power cable accidentally on installation due to pinching or small nicks, constant wear from vibrating or moving parts, unstable environments with reaction to chemical contact or overloading.

Westscan services: using fault finding and detection equipment to locate the electrical cable or wire and identify the break or fail point. We will help you to find the power cable fault location in no time.


  • Scheduling of manpower and equipment by knowing the cable fault depth.
  • Power cables fault location or electric short


Electrical fault detection services
The picture shows the point of electrical fault after the location had been pinpointed.