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Electrical Cables Mandurah
Prioritize safety and comply with local regulations when excavating near underground electrical cables

Underground Cable Locator

Finding Electrical Cables in Mandurah

Brief Summary
Why finding electrical cabling by our underground cable locator protects your safety and saves money

What are electrical cables?
Electric cables are conductors for transmitting power.

Finding power cables in MandurahWhy find electric cables and how does this protect me and save me on costs?
Electricity is harmful and we take good measure to steer clear of not getting an electric shock so identifying where the electrical wiring is located by mapping which direction the underground cabling has been installed adds protection for all personnel.

If you are conducting a building renovation in Mandurah, Rockingham, Perth or other WA areas, which involves trenching for footings and foundations to extend building walls, posts for a new patio, excavating for a fish pond, installing a spa, digging soak wells for extra drainage or upgrading the garden shed for a larger workshop then our underground cable locator and locating utility services such as the electrical wiring will enable you to work safely and avoid possible exposure to existing electrical installations.

So how does this save me money?

We all know how inconvenient it can be when we have an electrical power blackout or just a blown house fuse. Everything turns off while we wait and wonder how long will it take for the power to be reinstated.

Will the food in the fridge/freezer be ok, the air conditioner has a stopper it is the middle of summer and over 40 degrees, half through a favourite sports game on tv and it is the best game you have ever seen your team play, maybe you’re having a party and now need to find an electrician or hire a generator to restore temporary power.

Finding the underground electrical cables and wires around your property before building renovations, extensions, repairs or new installations will allow you to plan cable management and prevent electrical disruptions from damage while works are being carried out on the premises which in turn will save a lot of money by not having to call in electrical repair companies or hire expensive equipment.

Method of finding electrical cables and wires

For underground cable and wire detection, an electromagnetic locator is used which detects the magnetic field radiating from the buried copper wire (power cable) which can be used to establish the exact location and direction of the electrical cable that has been installed.

A mark is then placed at the location by spray paint, duct tape, flagging, pin or stake and documentation on site plans is updated. This will assist your planned building renovations or repairs as all contracting parties will be informed where the underground power wires are and can use caution when working in close proximity.

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